Our Logo


The configuration of Christian symbols on the cover of our annual book is a symbol or logo for the Blackwater Baptist Association of Virginia. This symbol now has official status since the Association voted to adopt it at the Fall meeting, which was held at Holland Baptist Church, Suffolk, on Tuesday, October 19, 1976.

The Latin cross dominates this symbol, or logo, just as the love of God dominates our relationship with Him, for which the cross is the ageless symbol. The circle impinging on the arms of the cross stands for the eternity of God, since it has no beginning or end.

Within the circle is the ancient symbol of the Holy Trinity called the Triquetra. It is designed in such a way that three equal arcs are interwoven so as to have a continuous flow. The three arcs express equality. The interwoven patterns suggest that there is no division, and the continuous movement stands for everlastingness. The Triquetra is suggested as an appropriate symbol because it emphasizes activity of the Holy Spirit, and this activity identifies the times in which we live when so much attention is centered on charisma, charismatics, and gifts of the spirit.

We need to reclaim for ourselves, as an association, some benefit from the activity of the Holy Spirit, hence the letters BBA, symbolizing our family of 27 churches, are placed around the Triquetra.

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